CBD Gummy Bears


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(was 5mg now 10mg) CBD Gummies are one of our most popular products! These are made with only high-quality ingredients. Each gummy bear is handmade and infused with CBD using a careful pristine process.  We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality ingredients without sacrificing taste.

  • Size: (15) 10mg Bears totaling 150mg of CBD
  • Mixed flavors: Grape, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Lime
  • Ingredients: 10mg Cannabidiol (CBD) per bear, Sugar, Gelatin, artificial flavors



CBD Gummy Bears
Chewy, Delicious CBD Supplement

For many of us who live busy, fast-paced lives, it can be challenging to find time to implement CBD into our daily regimen if we have to rely on oils, creams, or drops. That’s why we created a smart, easy-to-take CBD gummy that boasts a full 10mg of CBD per serving to ensure you’re getting the natural anti-inflammatory and stress-reducing support you need with far less effort.

Classic Gummies Infused with CBD

Similar to the gummy chews or vitamins you might find at the store, our handmade gummies feature an important twist—they contain 10mg Cannabidiol (CBD) per bear. In fact, they’re still crafted with the same sugar and gelatin that gives them the squishy, chewy form you love for a tasty and health-conscious treat.

Assorted Flavors

Each bag contains a mix of great flavors to give you something new and exciting with every small bite, including grape, orange, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, and lime. Enjoy a different CBD gummy each day to keep your palate, mind, and body happy!

Handmade Purity

Quality, safety, and purity are the most vital aspects behind every Bees Knees product, and our CBD gummy bears are no exception. That’s why our handmade gummies are infused with only the highest-quality ingredients without ever sacrificing taste.

Relieve Stress, Restore Focus

Taken as a daily supplement in the morning, after a workout, or before you go to bed, these CBD gummies can provide support for your mind and body. As a natural anti-inflammatory, CBD can help reduce joint and muscle pain and soreness, reduce stress and anxiety, and even help you stay focused or relaxed for better rest.


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  1. Stephen

    They had a real sweet taste and worked pretty fast. Seemed to work better for anxiety but I had a low dose.

  2. Emily Hayes

    The gummies were not bad
    They had a very strong earthy undertone. I took 50 mg and was pain free for 5-6 hours. They really did work better than any pain pill I ever took, and no groggy side effects.

  3. Marie Hill

    We are using these for our 7 yr olds anxiety. The last 2 school years have been a nightmare due to her terrible anxiety. She cried nonstop and would get sick 1-2 times before we even got into the school. Today is our 4th day back in the new school year and we haven’t had a single tear, no getting sick-nothing!!! I have a happy child, who is excited to go to school!! Talk about an AMAZING change!! We feel truly blessed to have found this product! I highly recommend trying this if your child struggles with anxiety!

  4. Elizabeth Grindle (verified owner)

    I was a hurricane Matthew evacuee. I remembered to get the compounded Valium for my four cats. But, I forgot my own Valium. I did have a good supply of gummy bears which I intended to give out as party favors to my friends in the area I evacuated to. However, I ended up taking the Bears myself. I thought they would help with my anxiety. While the hurricane came closer and closer to my permanent home just north of the Cape, My anxiety shot through the roof. I decided to try the gummy bears to help relieve my anxiety. I was amazed at how well they worked. In addition, I was able to adjust my dosage which would not have been possible with the Valium. In fact I believe they worked better than the Valium would have. Now when I am experiencing an anxiety attack, I turn to my gummy bears first. I am planning to buy the 10 mg capsules – they don’t have calories.

  5. Elizabeth Grindle (verified owner)

    Great for anxiety

  6. James Perkins (verified owner)

    I have terrible arthritis in my knees and hips and I’m always pretty tense. Ordered these hoping for the best but
    really not expecting it. I took one of the gummies the first night I had them and was honestly amazed by the relaxing soothing feeling, and the way it reduced my pain level. I’m a believer and you dear friends have a customer for life!

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