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How to Become a Bee’s Knees CBD Affiliate

Alright, Bees! You cannot get enough of the Bee’s Knees CBDs Relax Legally chocolate bars and your skin has never felt the same since you started using the Bee’s Knees CBDs CannaComplex Lavender Balm. You can’t stop talking to your neighbors about the Bee’s Knees tropical trio of gummies. Let Bee’s Knees CBDs share the honey pot with you.

How can you get more from Bee’s Knees CBDs?

Do you love Bee’s Knees CBDs products and want to make a little money, honey? To become a Bee’s Knees CBDs affiliate, all you have to do is use your affiliate link we provide for you to place in your emails, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or any other source you use to communicate with your hive. With every purchase using your affiliate link, Bee’s Knees CBDs pays you a commission of that sale. What are you waiting for? Bee’s Knees CBDs wants to connect with you, busy bee! Fill out the form below to become a affiliate.

Affiliate Commissions

  • Bees Knees CBDs affiliate bees bring in a 20% commission from each and
    every sale that comes through the Bee’s Knees CBDs website using your
    personal affiliate link.
  • Additionally, Bee’s Knees CBDs pay 10% commission of any affiliate
    reorder made by a customer using your personal affiliated link.
  • At this time, Bee’s Knees CBDs does not pay affiliate commissions on
    wholesale orders.
  • Once your personal affiliate commissions have reached a minimum of
    $100.00, Bee’s Knees CBDs pays out via Zelle before the 15th of the
    following month.


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