CBD Dab Wax – 900 mg


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This is one of the most popular and effective ways to use our CBD.  The vaping of this wax delivers all of the benefits of our high-quality CBD instantly in just a couple of pleasant tasting puffs.

  • Each 1g container contains 900mg of CBD
  • Contains No THC & Legal In All 50 States
  • New lower price: $50 now only $35!
  • Three Exciting Flavors or natural raw
  • Textured “Puffs”

Product Details:

  • Edible Dab Wax
  • Textured “Puffs”
  • Adult Only Use
  • Contains 900mg of Cannabidiol

Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD), Terpenes

Flavors available: Strawberry lemonade, Blue Dream, Fruity pebbles, Blueberry and Grand Daddy Purple

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FREE Wax Pen With Purchase

While Supplies Last

Bee’s Knee’s 900mg CBD Dab Wax

Tasty and Effective Edible Puffs

Are you looking for a fun, quick, and easy way to get fast CBD support that doesn’t require oils, creams, or tinctures? Then look no further than Bee’s Knee’s CBD Dab Wax, a small, edible, textured puff that features bold flavors and the ability to help balance your mind and body. Crafted with high-quality CBD, you can even vape this wax to optimize its performance.

Calming Relaxation

Fortified with 700mg of cannabidiol (CBD), these small dab wax puffs can help relax your mind and body more quickly, providing you with supportive stress and pain relieve you can count on; especially if you have Rheumatoid or degenerative arthritis.

Consumption Options

One of the most unique features of dab wax is that it can be take orally as a standalone product or mixed in with tinctures or vape juice depending on your level of need. Always make sure to use safely and in moderation if you’re expanding your CBD needs.

Excitingly Bold Flavors

One of the most fun and enjoyable parts of choosing a CBD dab wax over an isolate, vape, or oil is that they come in great flavors and a unique texture! Bee’s Knee’s feature smooth-tasting puffs that come in Blueberry, Strawberry lemonade, Granddaddy purple, Blue Dream, Fruity pebbles.

Unbeatable Purity and Craftsmanship

Much like all our other CBD products, our CBD dab wax is sourced, made, and shipped from right here in Colorado. We follow strict guidelines to ensure every batch is freshly made, completely safe, and offers the right amount of support to keep you at your best and most pain free day in and day out.

Do note that is wax has multiple uses and offers natural, herbal pain relief that benefits you physically and emotionally. It’s perfect for relieving aches and pains, slowing a racing mind, helping you focus during the day, and even ensuring you get deeper sleep throughout the night.


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Blue Dream, Fruity Pebbles, Granddaddy Purble, Blueberry, Lemon, Raw, Strawberry

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