Organic CBD Coffee


  • Coffee Infused with 200mg of CBD (25mg/oz)
  • Each 8oz. cup of coffee provides 25 mg of CBD
  • For best results we recommend: filtered water and a french press
  • Solvent-Free & Pure, High-Quality
  • Responsibly-Sourced from Guatemala
  • Organic Whole Bean Blend
  • Longer steep extracts the maximum CBD and saves the essential oils of the coffee beans

Weight: ½ Pound Bag
Ingredients: Organic high altitude medium roast coffee beans, 200mg CBD

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Organic CBD Coffee
Jumpstart Your Mind and Body

Let’s be honest, getting the day started with a fresh cup of coffee is a must for most of us. It helps wake us up and get us focused while giving us the energy we need to deal with all the “stuff” we’ve got on the schedule. So why not give your mind and body an even bigger boost with fresh-roast coffee infused with the power of cannabidiol (CBD)?

Bee’s Knees CBD Coffee is the perfect blend of high-quality Guatemalan beans that have been fresh-roasted and incensed with solvent-free CBD extract; all to give you the delicious flavors you love with the positive impact of premium CBD!

Medium Roast Flavor

Offering the perfect balance of high-powered pick-me-up with a smooth, balanced taste, our responsibly-sourced Guatemalan coffee beans be ground to perfection with a home grinder to unlock their immense flavor profile with low bitterness.

CBD-Infused Coffee Beans

By incensing whole coffee beans instead of grounds, we can help retain more of the essential oils of the coffee and optimize the CBD efficiency in every serving. In fact, a single 8-oz. cup of coffee contains 25 mg of CBD good for your mind and body.

Day or Night Enjoyment

This medium roast coffee can be enjoyed every morning to jumpstart your day or every evening to help you relax, unwind, and refocus. Share it with your spouse or friends to help everyone feel great inside and out.

Use With French Press or Pour Over Dripper

Make the most of our Bee’s Knee’s CBD coffee by using filtered water, a French Press or pour-over dripper, and longer steeping to extract maximum CBD and retain the natural coffee bean oils. This will help you maximize flavors for pure, delicious support.

Third Party Lab Tested:

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