CBD Oil Tincture Drops – Full Spectrum

Price: $22.00

Our CBD tincture is made of pesticide-free, non-GMO organic hemp oil extracted from our own farm-grown plants.

  • Sourced From 100% Colorado Industrial Hemp
  • Family Farm, Non-GMO & Vegan-Friendly 
  • Lab-Certified to Be Free from Solvents, Herbicides, Metals
  • Each Batch Lab Testes for Safety, Purity, And Potency

Size: 600mg / 300mg CBD
30 mL bottle will provide 20 mg dropper daily
Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Mint Essential Oil, CBD
Lab Tested Certificate of Analysis : 300mg  //  600mg



Get Relieve With Our CBD Oil Tinctures

Your body and mind are constantly being taxed by everyday stressors, such as work, family, responsibilities, and even general pain. That’s why we created this hemp-based Bees Knees CBD Oil Tincture to help you reduce stress and anxiety, relieve aches and pains, and even keep your mind focused with clarity.

Purity and Potency CBD Oil Tinctures

Sourced from 100% Colorado industrial hemp, our advanced CBD tincture is non-GMO, gluten-free.  A natural anti-inflammatory, we’ve used the highest-purity hemp strains grown locally right here in the USA. In fact, our CBD oil tinctures retain essential phytocannabinoids and terpenes to deliver a full spectrum formula without psychoactive results.

Faster, More Efficient Absorption

A sublingual, you can place these CBD tincture drops under the tongue to help them absorb more rapidly and be more bioavailable. Our tincture drops are vegan friendly, alcohol, sugar, and gluten free, and provide ideal support for men and women.

Reduce Joint Inflammation

CBD oils are also a natural analgesic which allows them pain relieving effects that are good for muscle and joint pain, stiffness, or soreness. And by interacting safely with the receptors in the brain, it can even help relieve chronic pains such as fibromyalgia.

Improve Focus and Clarity

Used regularly our hemp-based CBD oils can not only lower stress or anxiety levels, they can help you better focus when you’re at work or slow a racing mind at night to help you reach deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. Ideal for those with insomnia or sleep issues.

How to Use CBD Oil Tincture:

Comes with graduated droppers to ensure accurate dosing. Squeeze dropper to 1ml for 20mg of CBD.  Dispense tincture under tongue for 20-40 seconds then swallow.

Third Party Lab Tested

CBD Oil Frequently Asked Questions

CBD Oil is made by extracting cannabidiol from the hemp plant. At Bees Knees, we use full-spectrum CBD Oil which contains all the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. Unlike THC, CBD is completely non-psychoactive.

People prefer to take CBD Oil /Tincture / Drops for a few different reasons:

  • Fast absorption rate: CBD Oil works a little faster because the oil is absorbed right into your body, compared to an edible or capsule that has to be digested first.
  • Easy dosing: The dropper makes it easy to find your ideal CBD dosage as you try different levels of CBD Oil.
  • Flavor: Hemp extract can have an earthy bitter taste. But, Bees Knees has formulated a range of CBD Oils that are not only good for you but taste good too.
  • Versatility: CBD Oil is a potent concentrate that can be used alone or added to your meals or drinks (although this will affect the absorption rate).

Unlike other suppliers who source their hemp, at Bees Knees, we grow our own strains of industrial hemp on our family farm in Colorado. Our hemp is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic. Once harvested, the hemp plants undergo ethanol extraction for final products that are safe, pure, potent, and free of contaminants. Because we control the entire manufacturing process from seed to sale, you can depend on the highest quality CBD-rich full-spectrum hemp extracts.

At Bees Knees, every product batch is third-party lab tested, with the Certificate of Analysis available on our website product pages.

You may be wondering whether CBD Oil can help treat any of your health issues or symptoms of illness you might be having. We make absolutely no medical claims for hemp-derived CBD extracts. CBD products are regulated as dietary supplements. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
We have found CBD and the other cannabinoids in full-spectrum hemp extract boost overall wellness in healthy people as it helps support balance in the body (homeostasis). Historically, hemp has been safely used by humans over thousands of years. Although meaningful scientific research on CBD has been performed, definitive clinical studies are still needed.

CBD is usually well-tolerated, though some side-effects have been reported. The non-toxic properties of hemp extract have been documented in scientific reviews, most recently in the World Health Organization’s CBD oil report.

As with any new dietary supplement, we recommend talking to your doctor before taking CBD and to discontinue use if you notice any side-effects.

At Bees Knees, we follow all FDA regulations and record all adverse effects reported by our customers. It should be noted that very few adverse effects have been reported to us compared to the millions of bottles we ship every year.