Flavored Isolate Vape Cartridge – 200 mg

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FREE PEN with the purchase of 2 200 mg Vape cartridges

Flavored 200 mg of CBD Vape-Oil Isolate 

  • Pure, Organic Terpenes, Full Spectrum CBD
  • Vaping Compatible Cartridges
  • Cannabidiol  Provides Faster Relief
  • Leakproof Design
  • No Nicotine and THC-Free
  • No PG, VG, or MCT

Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD) Terpenes (200mg or 350mg of CBD Isolate per Cartridge)

Flavors: Orange, Lime, Blueberry, Granddaddy Purple, Fruity Pebbles, Andes Mint, Raspberry, or Peach



FREE PEN with the purchase of 2 200 mg Vape cartridges

Flavored Isolate Vape Cartridge (200 mg)  Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) Vaping Oils

Every day more and more people are moving away from smoking cigarettes because we know that nicotine and the other ingredients inside them can be detrimental to your long-term health.

That’s where Bees Knees Vape Isolate Vape Cartridges are filling the gap for people who need to relax, unwind, and restore focus, while still providing their body and mind with all-natural support to help them be at their best.

Pure, THC-Free CBD Vape Isolate

Formulated to be compatible with almost all standard vaporizers, our vape cartridges come in both 200mg and 350mg strengths to better match your individual CBD needs. And because it’s handmade, processed, and shipped from right here in Colorado, we can maintain control over purity, reliability, and quality from start to finish.

Naturally Organic Terpenes

Our CBD vaping oils are designed for the modern vapers who are looking for one of the fastest ways to reap the benefits. In fact, it offers more efficient support for those with acute symptoms or who need immediate relief, because we only use the purest form of CBD available and freshest, natural fruit oil flavors.

CBD Vape Oil To Help Relax the Senses

CBD isolate vape oils can be used to slow a racing mind, restore focus, relieve stress or tension, and even reduce joint or muscle pain. And along with a smooth, natural flavor, these flavored vape cartridges offer at-home or on-the-go self-medicating support with safe, efficient inhalation.

Bold Flavor Options

This premium CBD oil isolate comes in eight exciting flavors to better match your personal taste needs, including orange, lime, blueberry, granddaddy purple, Fruit Pebbles, Andes mint chocolate, raspberry, and peach. Try them all to find the perfect flavor for you!

Safety Recommendations

These CBD vape oils are a Schedule 1 controlled substance and should only be consumed or possessed by those age 21 and older. Always maintain strict control over your cartridges.


Ingredients:  Natural derived terpenes, CBD

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Orange, Blueberry, Lime, Grandaddy Purple, Fruity Pebbles, Andies Mint, Raspberry, Peach, Strawberry Lemonade

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