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Why Bee’s Knees CBDs

Buying wholesale CBD edibles is a smart business move to ensure your inventory is always in stock. However, with sales fluctuations, there will be times when orders need to be expedited, increased, or decreased. This means small business owners must rely heavily on their CBD supplier. Thus, it’s crucial to partner with a reliable CBD supplier, like Bee’s Knees CBDs.

What kind of CBD edibles do you produce?

We offer a variety of popular edible CBD products including CBD honey, CBD chocolate, CBD coffee, and CBD gummies. CBD is  also available in many different methods of ingestion such as oil, topicals, and edibles.

Are CBD edibles good sellers?

Our CBD gummies and CBD chocolate are top-sellers in our line of high-quality edible CBD products. Our customers love the organic ingredients, high bioavailability, and delicious fruity flavors. And adding our CBD honey to our CBD coffee is a fan favorite!

Do you have customer service available to help me?

Yes, our customer service team is ready to help with any issues that may arise. Our customer support specialists will walk you through the process with personalized assistance. Contact us at Bee’s Knees CBDs to learn more.

Do you offer brand development?

Yes, our team of marketing experts can help take your ideas from a concept all the way through the development stage, establishing your brand while factoring in the competitive set and current market demands. We will work with your business model to create your branding through customized packaging and labels. We are constantly researching the latest brands to stay ahead of market trends.

Do you offer white labeling and product design services?

Yes, from understanding your business needs to determine a branding strategy to coming up with a successful design, we have you covered.

How do you evaluate your product line?

As a wholesale partner, we thoroughly vet all our CBD products before offering them for sale. Our goal is to curate for you a selection of the best available CBD products. Our internal process includes laboratory and testing reviews to ensure that they comply with industry standards. We strive to ensure that our products, especially our CBD edibles, meet our requirements for freshness, quality, purity, cannabinoid concentrations, and absence of toxins including heavy metals and pesticides.

Do you test your CBD products?

Quality is critical to our success, so our CBD edibles and all our products are tested in our in-house facility during the production process to ensure purity and potency.

What is your quality control process?

All our products are tested by an independent third-party laboratory and certified for quality ingredients, purity, and potency.

Contact us at Bee’s Knee’s CBD’s White Label CBD Program to learn more.

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